Essential Oil Display and Storage Ideas

Essential Oil Storage & Display

My kitchen counter was overflowing…with essential oils.  So I started keeping some in the bathroom cupboard.  But then I was forever going back and forth between the two places, looking for the oil I needed and forgetting where it was.

For Christmas, my hubby got me the perfect gift for an essential oil aficionado like me: a display rack!  I LOVE this rack because it a) looks pretty and b) holds all my oils!!!  I can find an oil when I need it without searching all over the house!  I am excited to share this pretty photo of my oil rack with you!

Essential Oil Display Rack

Isn’t it pretty??   It’s actually a nail polish holder, but my oil bottles, even the tall roll-ons fit nicely.  Pick a place to hang it where it won’t get direct sunlight. The amber in the bottles helps to protect it from sun, so normal light is fine. My hubby found this awesome rack on Amazon: Essential Oils Display Rack

I also found this great rack – it’s hanging upstairs in my bedroom now!
Essential Oils Rack

You can pick up this one from Amazon here –> Tree Rack.
If you’d like one for your countertop, this essential oil countertop display rack looks great:
oil countertop rack

Just picture the essential oils bottles in there instead! 🙂   This one is next on my wish list!

If wood is more your style, this wooden tier rack is a nice option.
wood tier rack

If you’re the get-the-job-done type, this plastic display rack will fill the bill!  And, if you’re a little crafty, I’m sure you could spruce it up!  I’d love to see some pics of your ingenuity!
Nail Polish Display Rack


What do you currently do to organize your essential oils?

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