Welcome!  I’m Sarah, aka Renaissance Mama!

Our journey of healthy living started with my kids!   My daughter had a scary reaction to a vaccine and that event challenged everything I thought I knew about medicine and health.   Vaccines, food, health care, what I used to clean, I began to look at EVERYTHING!

I love science and so I’ve had a lot of fun examining different health remedies and modalities to discover how they benefit us.  I’ve discovered that many things that have been discarded by “modern medicine” actually have tremendous therapeutic value!    Because of my love of learning, I’ve gone on to become certified as a Natural Health Practitioner and an Aromatherapist.

I’m also a follower of Jesus, and so my studies are, to the best of my ability, filtered through the lense of Scripture with a strong desire to honor God.   I avoid anything with New Age leanings, although there are definitely aspects where the enemy has twisted things God has given to us and I want to see those reclaimed for the Kingdom!

This blog is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned along the way!   Essential oils have been pivotal for us on our journey, and I now have a thriving essential oil community, over 14,000 members strong, and I’d love for you to be a part!  Get your essential oils kit here and join the journey with us!