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Over ten years ago now, my family joined Young Living!   I initially jumped in because we were getting ready to travel overseas, and I wanted to be able to  care for my kids whether we had decent medical care available or not.   In the nation we were in, the people were super sweet, but the medical care was lacking.  We visited one “hospital” and it had stray cats wandering through it.  Ummm…..   We used our oils a LOT and actually became a resource for our team and the locals!   That’s hilarious to me because I was such a newbie at oils – I literally just looked things up in my reference guide and read it to them!

Prior to our trip, the oils quickly proved themselves to me when my little girl (who was 2 at the time), kept waking up from her naps covered in hives.   I tried all kinds of things to make them stop including changing laundry soap and Benadryl.  Nothing helped.   Then I learned I could use lavender!  The first time I applied it, the hives disappeared within 20 minutes!   I was shocked!   Several days later, the hives returned one last time.  I applied the lavender to the bottom of her little feet, and her hives went away for good!   

That was just the FIRST story of ways oils have helped us – I have TONS more now, and stories from the thousands of people on my team.  Oils are a game-changer that aren’t just used by hippie moms!   A friend of mine is a lead trauma surgeon at a very well-known hospital, and they’re offering oils to their patients!

From oils, I started the process of switching out all the toxic cleaners, soaps, perfumes, and body care products to ones that actually benefit my body!   Young Living offers SO many products to help us do that!   Now, we also use their supplements including NingXia Red, Nitro,Master Formula, and their kids’ probiotic to help us stay healthy.

Young Living offers the purest oils on the market – I’ve visited their farms many times now and they are literally heaven on earth!   You won’t find any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, only happy plants.

Since I can’t keep anything good to myself, it’s only natural that I want to help you get some amazing oils in your home and I even have a special offer, just for you!

When you place your first order with Young Living of at least 100pv, I will send you a packet of FREE reference materials and an ultrasonic diffuser! If you already know what you want, you can pick and choose from any products you like! Place your first order using their Loyalty Rewards program, and you’ll unlock the wholesale discount as well as start earning points (redeemable towards free oils) with EVERY order!

You can also grab a Premium Starter Kit, which remains my FAVORITE starter bundle!

I also have a super fun educational Facebook community that I’ll send you an invite to, where we share recipes, usage ideas, and answer your how-to questions!   No oil user left behind! 🙂 🙂



You can get your oils here:

1. Click here to order your Young Living Starter Kit!

2. Start adding things to your cart, by clicking Add to Loyalty Order!  You can cancel your Loyalty order anytime you need to (but you’re going to love it, so cancelling will be the last thing on your mind!)

3. Be sure the sponsor id and enroller id says “1325257”.  Then I can give you the freebies!

4. Complete your order!   Then, I will send you your goodies and I will also add you to our Oily Renaissance Family Facebook group where you can connect with over 1600 other essential oils users, glean from their experiences, and share yours!

5. PM me on Facebook if you have any questions!   You can also send me an email!  selahfalk  @  Let’s chat soon!

I am so excited to walk with you on your Young Living journey!