Top Ten Responses to Essential Oils – A Husband’s Journey

Enjoy my husband’s take on his intro into the world of essential oils!

10. “Essential what? Well it sounds like the fad of the week to me. Can’t be that essential if we’ve been doing just fine without them up to this point. (Hey honey, where are the pain relievers?)  Alllllrighhhtt go ahead and get some.” -whatever it takes to keep the wife happy.

9. Every time I walk in the house it smells like a different flower, fruit, or tree.

8. Every time the kids walk in with bug bites, scrapes, or are starting not to feel so good, she douses them.

7. I wonder what that Ylang Ylang smells like? That has to be the strangest question I’ve ever asked myself.

6. “Honey, I’ve got a headache. It’s cute that you want me to smell your Peppermint but that’s not gonna… Huh, I think that actually helped.”

5. Hmmm I’m out of deodorant but this Cedarwood smells pretty manly. I’ll just rub a couple drops of that under my arms… Huh that’s kind of tingly… ?!?!?!…..”HONEY MY PITS ARE ON FIRE!!! AND WATER ISN’T HELPING!”

4. What in the the world is Heliochrysalis (Helichrysum) and how can it cost three times more for a bottle that’s three times smaller?

3. Wow. I’ve been doing a little research and they actually get really scientific. Who knew that plants had so many different beneficial compounds…and oils were considered a treasure in antiquity…interesting.

2. “Honey, why do you smell like Christmas?”

1. She always takes the Lavender and Peppermint with her. We should get some spares so that they’re always available at home and where is the Frankincense? I hate it when I can’t find my Frankincense.

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