How to Slash Your Health Insurance Bill


The holidays are upon us (yay!), and, for many of us, that means it’s time to renew our health care plans.   Some of you may have awesome health care, and thumbs up if you do!  Many more folks, however, pay at least an arm and a leg (sometimes two arms and two legs) for health care coverage.

Almost 4 years ago, we switched a new model of health care coverage that has been AWESOME for us.   It’s called a healthcare sharing plan, and we use Samaritan’s Ministries for ours!   We pay a flat monthly premium for our entire family, and we can choose any provider we like.  My favorite part – NO haggling with insurance companies and NO wondering if something is going to be covered!  Does it sound amazing?  It is!

We have had opportunity to use them several times, including for having our third baby, and they covered ALL of my prenatal, delivery, and postnatal costs.  ALL of them.  Since I could get an estimate from the birthing center, they even paid for it ahead of time.  I needed regular chiropractic care and that was covered as well.   Now, they even include things like prenatal massage!

We’ve also had allergy treatments and a deep cut on the face completely covered!

These health-care sharing plans work best if you’re generally healthy.  They do have some exclusions for pre-existing conditions.  They also give discounts (or require for membership) that you not be a smoker.

Meets Obama’s Health Care Requirements

In my opinion, the bonuses of the health care sharing plans keep getting better, because not only do they cost less AND provide better coverage than most mainstream plans, but they also meet governmental requirements for health care coverage.   Read governmental sorts of details here on pages 107 and 128.

You can find out more from their website: Samaritan’s Ministries.   (Samaritan’s offers a referral bonus, so if you go with them, I’d love it if you’d share my name!   (Sarah Falk)  Thanks!!)


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