Healthy Poptarts

Healthy Poptarts.  I did just use those two words together in a sentence.  Davy and I tried them out today and we like them!   My neighbors gave their approval too.  (I think I might be a fun neighbor… we don’t have a loud dog and we like to share our baking.  Don’t you want to come and live next door?)  
Anyway, the poptarts are simple – only 5 ingredients.  I felt a bit like we were making Christmas cookies, with all the dough rolling.
The recipe is here. 
As usual, I have a few modifications/notes.  Next time around, I would roll the dough out thinner.  Thin is good.  I would also use more jelly.  Be generous with your jelly.   (Do check your jelly and make sure it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it.  Then you can feel good about eating your poptarts).
I’m going to keep my eyes open for some sort of glaze for the top – hopefully one without too much sugar, so I can continue to feel good about eating poptarts.  If you see something with potential, send it my way!  
Here’s my awesome helper working on his poptarts.