Easy Homemade Marshmallows

Since Thanksgiving is getting closer every day, I sat down with my menu last night and started thinking about what I wanted to serve.  One of my husband’s favorite dishes is Berry-Mallow Yam Bake.  In years past, I’ve made it with a bag of store-bought marshmallows (along with canned yams that have high fructose corn syrup in the syrup.  sigh)

Then I read the ingredients, among them: corn syrup, tetrasodium pyrophosphate (a thickener), artificial flavors, and blue 1.  Too many yucky ones in there for me.  What to do?

Make my own at home!   The experiment began and I had a houseful of eager helpers.  I’m pleased to report that the process was SO EASY, and took only about 20 minutes to prepare.  Why did I think this was going to be hard?

If you’d like to try, here’s the recipe!

1/2 c corn starch
1/2 c powdered sugar
2 c organic cane sugar
1 c water, divided
2 1/4 oz envelopes gelatin (found near the Jell-o, don’t get the vegetarian kind – it needs the animal protein to work properly)
1 t pure vanilla extract (Some recipes say to use a tablespoon, we used a teaspoon & are quite happy)

1. Combine corn starch and powdered sugar. Prepare 13×9 pan by spreading half of the corn starch/powdered sugar mixture over the bottom.
2. In stand mixer bowl, add 1/2 cup water. Sprinkle gelatin on top.
3. In saucepan, combine sugar and remaining water. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Let sit undisturbed until it begins to boil and reaches 240 degrees on the candy thermometer.
4. Pour hot mixture into mixing bowl and stir slowly until gelatin is dissolved.
5. Gradually increase speed to high and beat until shiny, thick, soft peaks have formed, about 10 minutes.
6. Add vanilla.
7. Pour into pan and spread remaining corn starch/powdered sugar mixture over the top.
8. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit overnight.
9. Slice into pieces and enjoy!

This is an egg-free version. You can add egg whites to make firmer marshmallows (if you wanted to roast them). We skipped that part this time and the mixture resembled marshmallow creme before we left it to sit.  In just a few hours, it had hardened up nicely and we could slice and eat!

I am thrilled to have such an easy way to make marshmallows! I’m brainstorming about all sorts of variations now and fun things to try like homemade s’mores and Peeps!  I’ll post the full Berry-Mallow yam bake recipe soon and maybe it will become one of your family’s favorites!     Enjoy!

Adapted from recipe at SeriousEats.com

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