Can I tell you my Money-Saving Diapers Secret? (Frugal Friday)

I will be really glad when my youngest is potty-trained and I can quit buying diapers.  Diaper deals can be hard to come by sometimes and I just wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the cheaper brands.

After much anguish about high diaper prices, I discovered the Target brand Up & Up diapers.  I’ve never looked back.  I used them on my oldest, a boy, and on my little girl, with equal success.  They don’t leak, hallelujah, and they work great.  Better yet, they are only about 16¢ per diaper.  (That’s a pretty good price, in case you’re not an expert on how much each diaper usually costs you.  <G>)  

I also like that they are always the same price so I don’t have to hunt down a sale or find coupons to use when we’re out of diapers.  I just go to the store and pick them up.  Sometimes there’s even $1 or a $1.50 off peelie coupon on the box.

There’s my secret.  I hope it helps you.  🙂

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  • Kim

    I LOVE Up & Up diapers. We go back and forth between these and Parent’s Choice brands depending on where we’re doing our shopping when it’s time to buy diapers again. I also like when there is a coupon on for the diapers. Never seen a peelie though…..