Breakthrough for Truth-in-labeling!

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court opened the door for peer-to-peer labeling accountability.  As labeling laws struggle through congressional houses, good ole capitalism is taking the bull by the horns.  Coca Cola has been marketing a drink called Minute Maid Pomegranate-Blueberry juice.  With that name, you’d expect it to contain, well, lots of pomengrantes, right?  Not a chance.  The juice (can I call it juice?) is made of only .3% pomegranate juice.  Yes, you read that correctly.  .3%.  The POM Wonderful folks, who sell actual pomegranante juice, can now take up their truth-in-labeling case with Coca Cola.   To make matters worse, the drink blend has a scant .2% blueberry juice.

This ruling has great potential for many markets, including essential oils. One of my great peeves with the essential oils market is that oils must only contain 5% of the actual oil to be labeled “pure”.  That’s how we get such cheap oils in the grocery stores – 5% oil + petrochemicals and other synthetics = cheap to mass produce.  Real, quality oils that are sourced well are hard to come by, hence the heftier (and well worth it) price tag.  Learn more about oils.

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