Perfume Ingredients You Won't Believe

Perfume Ingredients You Won’t Believe + A Better Way

Perfume Ingredients You Won't Believe

I’m not a huge perfume girl, but I like to smell nice as much as the next person. I’ve found myself getting overwhelmed by perfume-y scents lately – in the grocery store, at church, even in meetings sometimes. So I decided to start looking into perfume ingredients, just out of curiosity. What I found absolutely repulsed me.

Unbelievable perfume ingredient #1:
Poop. That’s right, animal poop. Just what I always wanted to spray on myself. The World Society for the Protection of Animals reports that civet cat feces have been used by Chanel, Cartier, and Lancome in their products. Gag.

Unbelievable perfume ingredient #2:
Genital sac emissions from beavers, European beavers in particular. So gross I can’t hardly type it.

Unbelievable perfume ingredient #3:
Sperm whale vomit or poop. Endangered whales, no less.

Unbelievable perfume ingredient #4:
Baby poop. Not as gross to me, since we’re now on baby #3 at our house. That doesn’t make it ok as perfume and begs the question of sourcing.

Unbelievable perfume ingredient #5:
Musk from a male musk deer, also hunted to near extinction.

Least you think I have suddenly turned satirical, the British news source, The Guardian, lays it out for us more explicitly than you may care to read.  Just think pheromones, combined with the British ability to be unashamedly straightforward.

If you can get past the animal poop, vomit, and emissions, we haven’t even touched on the chemicals like parabens and phthalates!   Fragrances recipes are considered trade secrets, and therefore their ingredients don’t have to be disclosed.  It’s estimated that 75-90% of perfumes contain parabens.  Look for labels that say paraben-free to steer clear.

I will never look at perfume the same way again.

Thankfully, (I always try to find the bright side!), I’ve been using a wonderful alternative that not only smells good, but can be a booster to my immune system!   Essential oils are my perfume of choice, and it only takes a drop or two rubbed on my wrists to improve the olfactory experience at my house.

A few of my favorites, made by Young Living, include:
* The oil of Joy!
* Stress-Away
* Valor

Replace your perfume!

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