Young Living Convention Highlights 2014!

We escaped the summer heat to enjoy the amazing Utah weather for a week in June, and loved our time at the Young Living Essential Oils convention AND the lavender farm!   In this photo, we are planting six month old baby lavender plants!  (aka seedlings).   The lavender plant will take two years to come to maturity.  We acquired some serious appreciation for how much time and WORK it takes to produce the oil in one little bottle of lavender!

Our farm visit included a visit to the distillery, where we got to experience first-hand the process of extracting the oil from the plant.  I knew it was complicated and detailed, but I had no idea how much!

They had computers monitoring both the distillation process and the chemical composition of the oils.  Every batch is tested, and they explained how it’s more important to catch the little spikes than it is the big dramatic ones.  Those apparently make the biggest difference in the makeup of your oil.  Learn more at Seed to Seal!

Convention itself was filled with main session speakers sharing testimonies about how the oils have impacted their lives, and workshop sessions with breakouts on topics like Oils and Kids, and Mental Clarity with Oils (paraphrasing the names).  We also had a lot of fun at the Leadership Gala and leadership training session.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, spent a lot of time sharing his personal history, stories from growing up and the incredible hardships he went through, as well as the journey of founding Young Living.  He has spent years and years studying plants, oils, and the distillation process, seeking out the top experts in the field to study under.  It was a privilege to have those experts (particularly the top expert in the world on distillation) speaking to us.  Young Living really focuses on education and quality, and that was apparent all throughout convention.  This company is growing SO quickly, and they are scaling their production so they can grow, harvest, and distill enough plants to meet demand without sacrificing a bit of quality.

New Products

Gary Young spends a lot of time in the lab, creating new oil blends and supervising the process.  27 new blends were released at convention, including several new kits!

The Freedom Release and Freedom Sleep kit are designed to help those suffering with PTSD and several personal experiences were shared of these oils making a huge difference!  A friend has started a campaign through GoFundMe to provide one of these kits for every member of the Armed Forces who needs one!  Read the story behind the kits.

The Reconnect kit is for brain health, and has really helped kiddos who are on the autism spectrum.

More new items include kits just for animals, a formulation called MindWise for our aging population (and anyone who wants to maintain great brain function), new beauty products made WITH oils, and Einkorn wheat pancake mix and spaghetti noodles.  The Einkorn mix only contains a VERY small percentage of gluten, and the gluten it does contain is non-GMO!

I’m excited that Convention 2015 will be in Grapevine, Tx next year!  We lived there for several years and some of our closest friends are still there.  Grapevine, here we come!