aloe vera

Beyond the Sunburn – The Power of Aloe Vera

aloe vera
by opaquepiphany

Most of us pull out our aloe vera gel and liberally apply it when we spend too much time in the sun.  It’s a lifesaver for helping out a bad sunburn, but did you know that aloe vera juice can have all kinds of powerful healing effects on the body?

My use of aloe vera juice expanded when my horse coliced.  (Colic in horses is essentially severe abdominal pain that can be life-threatening).  My vet determined that he had an ulcer, and told me to give him aloe vera juice.  We’ve given him about 1/2c a day for 3 years now, off and on, and his tummy is doing great!

As I was buying his juice in Costco, I started running into other people who were also buying it.  Being a rather curious and outgoing person, I asked them why they were buying it.  Turns out, they were using it for ulcers on themselves!

After doing more research, I learned that aloe vera juice has a profound healing effect on the gastrointestinal tract.   A study dating from 1959 reports complete healing with no recurrence of peptic ulcers in all patients involved except one (who just stopped coming to the clinic for the trial).  Wow!

Aloe vera juice has powerful applications beyond ulcers.  Mike Adams calls it the “The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions” and includes a lengthy list of conditions in which aloe vera has shown to be beneficial.

There are several options for taking it – you can buy a bottle at a health food store, or even Walmart.  You can also grow your own!  Aloe vera is really hardy and easy to grow.  To take it, simply cut off a leaf, fillet it and drop the gel into a blender along with your morning smoothie.  Done!

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