Two Natural Ways To Prevent Pre-Term Labor

I think I learn something new almost every day. 🙂

I had pre-term labor with my daughter, and I am really, really, really hoping to avoid with baby #3 (currently at 23 weeks!!)   I’ve learned two completely natural ways to help prevent pre-term labor lately (beyond the usual “drink lots of water and take a warm bath”) and so wanted to share.

Red Raspberry Leaves
The first involves a supplement called Red Raspberry Leaves.  You can drink the tea or take a capsule.  I chose the capsule route since I’m not a huge fan of tea (except for my chai, of course, and the tea my S. African friend brews…)  Red Raspberry is known for increasing uterine strength and eliminating what my midwife calls “stupid contractions”.   It’s also supposed to make labor and delivery easier.  (yay!)

Sacrum Adjustment
The second way to help prevent pre-term labor is by getting your sacrum checked (and adjusted if needed) by a chiropractor.   My wonderful chiro specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics, and she explained that your sacrum can easily slide out of place during pregnancy.   She has me stand facing the door like I’m going to be frisked, and then runs her hand down my lower back, checking for a “hook”.  Last week, she found a tiny one.  This week’s was a little more substantial.  She was able to gently adjust my sacrum back in place.  I had been experiencing a decent number of contractions, and after my adjustment, I’ve had at most two ALL WEEK!

Want to read more about the use of chiropractic during pregnancy?  Body Therapy Associates has an interesting article!

***Update!! I did NOT deliver early! In fact, he came 5 days after my due datel! Woohoo! I am a HUGE fan of well-cooked babies! He has adjusted to life in the “outside world” easier than any of my other kids!

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