Top Ten Things I Do Differently With Baby #3

As moms, we live and learn.  Here are a few things I’ve noticed that I do differently with #3:

1.  Instead of diaper rash cream, I have a jar of coconut oil at the ready next to the changing table.

2.  When M got his first cold, I took him to the chiro.  Just a few hours after his adjustment, all his symptoms were gone!

3. He sleeps on his tummy and I don’t worry about him.

4. I don’t “shush” my other kids when M is asleep on the floor of the living room.  He sleeps right through the bedlam.

5. If I want to bolster his immune system, I rub frankincense essential oil on the bottom of his feet.  Good enough for Jesus, good enough for him!

6.  I have mastered the art of nursing in the Ergo.  (comes in SO handy when I’m tutoring a classroom of 6 year olds for Classical Conversations)

7.  I worry a lot less.  Babies are durable.

8.  If he’s gassy, I rub some diluted DiGize essential oil on his tummy.  Happy baby bliss soon follows (and poopies, can’t forget the poopies.)

9.  I’ll often bring him back to bed with me, and I’m not worried about squashing him or spoiling him!  He actually sleeps more soundly in the crib than he does in my bed!  I couldn’t sleep with my first two in the bed, but I don’t have any trouble now!

10.  I learned about tongue ties, and how they can make nursing excrutiatingly painful.   So my pain level wasn’t normal in nursing the first two babes.  Good to know!  If/when we have another baby, we’re checking for a tongue tie first thing!

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