Top Hotel Tips for Families

It’s the height of travel season for many of us, and at least one hotel is likely included in those plans.  We’ve stayed in a lot of hotels lately because we’ve been on the road so much, and I’ve wanted to share a few of our top tips that really make things easier!

Tip #1
Use one suitcase!    We pack everyone’s pajamas and clothes for the next day into one suitcase.   I spend a couple minutes in the morning pulling an outfit from everyone’s bigger suitcase, and compiling it into one.  Then, when we get to the hotel, we only need to grab one instead of 4 or 5!

Tip #2
Save yourself from hunting all over the room for electric plugs, and get a Multi-port USB charger like this:

All our phones and the iPad can plug into that, as well as a portable charger if the next day will require that!    Next on my list to pick up is a multiplug unit, so I can charge things that don’t have usb’s in one spot, like the LeapPad and Nintendo Switch, as well as run the cd player.

Tip #3
All-suite hotels are our favorite, because the pull-out couch can generally accommodate all the kids.  Those types of hotels are few and far between, and now that Little Man has outgrown his super amazing tent, we needed a new solution.    Thankfully, kids are short, and so we just have them turn sideways on the bed.  They make a few barriers with pillows, and voila, 3 kids on a queen bed!

Tip #4
Laundry, always the laundry!   When we travel in our van, I grab a couple of kitchen trash bags from home and use that for our laundry.  Then, when we get to a spot where I can wash clothes, I just have one bag to grab rather than digging through suitcases.   #simple