Essential Oil Testimonies

I hear stories ALL the time from friends about different ways the oils have helped them.  Welcome to a collection of those stories (the ones I remember to write down, anyway!)  If you’d like me to add yours, email it to me!

“So about a month or so ago ago I bought my first set of essential oils. At first I was a little skeptical even though many of my friends used them. I don’t jump on things fast & like to just sit back and make sure it’s not a band wagon sort of thing.
But after the HS leading I bought my first set of oils. Then I mentioned it to my naturopath cause I knew she believed in many of the oils healing properties.
I asked her what she recommend for my asthma because I had been on advair and would love to get off.. but each time I tried I had to use my inhaler too much. My whole life I’ve had asthma & despite my best efforts I’ve needed meds for it.
Well, she (my naturopath) and many others recommended one drop of three different oils (R.C., Raven and lavendar) on my chest every night before bed.
Well, kid you not, it’s been 3-4 weeks and I’ve been off advair the whole time AND haven’t used my inhaler ONCE. I’m pretty blown away. It hasn’t bothered me one bit this last month even with all the weather change. Craziness! So, if you have asthma
I highly recommend praying about trying it. ”

OH and FYI: I DO NOT sell the oils and never will because I always want you to know there are never strings attached to any health tips I offer. I’m honestly just on a health journey and love to share things I learn along the way. 

Spider bites
A friend’s 18 month old was bitten on the hand by a spider.  We applied Purification right away.  After just a few minutes, the swelling was gone and you couldn’t even tell he had been bitten!

Purification is amazing for taking away the itch from all sorts of insect bites.

Sore Muscles
A friend was super sore from moving.  She used Panaway and Aroma Siez to ease that muscle pain.

I used Aroma Siez for pregnancy related leg cramps – amazing!

I also used Deep Relief for pregnancy related back pain.  Also amazing!  I would wake up hurting in the middle of the night, apply it, and go right back to sleep.  I carried the roll-on in my purse, and would sneak into the bathroom periodically to apply it topically.  Instant relief!

I used lavender on my daughter’s persistent hives.  Benadryl didn’t help her, but Lavender took them away.  After 2 applications of lavender on her feet, the hives never came back!

My hubby puts 2 drops lavender, 2 drops peppermint, and 2 drops lemon in a vegetable capsule for his seasonal allergies.  No more OTC allergy meds for him!

I used lemon on the bottom of my daughter’s feet to bring down her high fever.  Ten minutes later, it was in a normal range!  The best part of it is that the oil helped kill the virus she was fighting too!

Thank you so much for lending us the diffuser and for the RC oil blend – it is working great! Thursday night my daughter was coughing constantly throughout the night as she slept and at one point was awake for two hours because she was coughing so severely that she was not able to sleep. However, last night, after rubbing the oil on her chest and diffusing it in her room as she slept, she slept soundly all night! She only had one bought of coughing during the night, but otherwise she slept without any coughing at all! It was amazing! I think the oils are definitely making a difference and helping her to recover more quickly from her cold – and keeping the cold from becoming anything more serious. Just thought I would share with you! Thanks again for taking the time to meet with me and help me out.

Warts & Skin Tags
Frankincense all the way to get rid of those warts & skin tags!

Kidney Stones
I rubbed Lemongrass, geranium, and grapefruit on the bottom of a friend’s feet to help her kidney pain.  She had been on high powered pain meds for a while, and still hurt a lot.  After one brief foot massage, she didn’t need any more pain killers!

Immune Support
I love to use Thieves, ImmuPower, and Exodus II as immune support.  Our kids got exposed to the hand, foot, and mouth virus last week at a playdate (a mom found blisters on her child that same afternoon. <sigh>).  I layered up those 3 oils plus Purification – no hand, foot, and mouth at my house!

We diffuse Thieves into the air in our co-op nursery, and our chiropractor diffuses it in her office to kill germs in the air.

Sometimes my brain just won’t shut off at night.  I use Peace & Calming to fall asleep very quickly.  (I have to be careful not to smell it during classes or I want to take a nap!)

A friend reports that her little guy was having such a hard time with the 4 month sleep regression/wakeful period and combined teething. He was awake every 30-60 minutes all night last night and has had two 10 minute naps today. He’s exhausted …  She applied Peace & Calming and Lavender to his feet and she said that he did great!  “Slept from 12am to 4am, which was amazing. He was awake every hour and 30 minutes after that but I was more rested to handle it. It’s amazing what 4 hours of sleep can do for you! I’ve used them today to help him nap and they’ve definitely helped settle him.”

Ear Pain
A friend uses Geranium applied in the Vitaflex method for severe ear pain.

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak
Several different oils work really well for those nasty plants.  Friends have had success with Thieves, peppermint, and Purification.

I met a lady at church who used to have to eat gluten-free.  Now, she just rubs a drop of peppermint on her wrist and she doesn’t have digestion issues.

Labor & Delivery
My hubby held up Peace & Calming to my nose during transition – made it so much easier!    We anointed our new baby with Frankincense after he was born.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  I am an independent distributor for Young Living.  #1325257

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