Our super duper awesome holistic doctor

My friend Kandace introduced us to a doctor in Irving that is just awesome.  Her parents have been going to him, and now several people in my family have gone.  His work is absolutely revolutionary.  He is both an MD and a naturopath and he has more knowledge in his pinkie than I might ever have… Ok, that’s probably an exaggeration but this guy is extraordinary!
A friend, who shall remain nameless for identity protection purposes, just felt really lousy all the time.  Dr. Tennant put together an entire program for him, focused mostly on diet and some supplements, as well as the electrical balance in his body.  A month after his first visit, he is feeling FANTASTIC!! 
At the first visit, Dr. Tennant spent a lot of time with him, wanting to find out EVERYTHING that was going on.  And I mean everything.  He came home with a 10 page report of things to work through and gradually change.  This friend is returning for visits to use Dr. Tennant’s electrical ‘thing’, but other friends who have gone received instructions to call or return with questions, otherwise he’d see them in a year.  (That’s nice because he doesn’t accept insurance).  
I laughed when I called to set up an appointment for this out-of-town friend.  They decided he was local, since he lived in the state.  Apparently they have people from all over the world on a regular basis!
So if you have some ongoing issues that your regular M.D. hasn’t been able to fully address, I highly recommend that you pay Dr. Tennant a visit!  We are really encouraged by the results!