I made yogurt!!

I’m so excited to have made yummy yogurt with all the good bacteria still intact!  It’s definitely of smoothie-consistency but it happened to be super easy!  I think I spent five minutes on it, tops.  (I’m going to play with a more complicated method of making it that will hopefully make it thicker – I’ll let you know how it goes!) 
I hear that making yogurt from scratch works best if you have raw milk.   I also bought a container of Dannon Natural yogurt from the store for this first round.  For subsequent batches, I hear that I can reuse part of this batch and not have to do store-bought again.
Are you ready for how easy this is? 
To make about a quart of yogurt:
Step 1 – heat a little under 1 quart of milk in a saucepan till just under 100 degrees.  I used a candy thermometer.
Step 2 – Put about 3/4c yogurt in your jar.
Step 3 – Add milk.
Step 4 – Shake.  Just enough to mix it up.
Step 5 – Put it in a cooler of warm water and let it sit for 7 hours. 

Done!  Best to put it in the fridge after that to thicken up.  Enjoy!