Organic Vs Natural – Do You Know the Difference?

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That’s a pretty-looking label, but do you know what it means?

Absolutely nothing.

It’s just marketing hype.  Consumers are waking up to what’s been happening to our food, and are wanting to make healthier choices.   The big companies know this, and so they’re beginning to label things “natural”, no matter what they are.

The “natural” label is not subject to any federal regulation, and so companies can put it on any product that they choose.  That includes foods that are full of GMO’s (genetically modified foods) and growth hormones.

The “organic” label, on the other hand, means a lot.  (For now.  GMO’s are beginning to contaminate organic crops and some of the bigger organic companies are giving ground to Monsanto, the ginormous GMO seed company.  Read more here about Whole Foods’ capitulation.)

An organic product must be free of GMO’s, pesticides or chemicals, and anything artificial.

While eating organic can be expensive, I find that if I stay away from processed foods, then my grocery bill goes down considerably.  For example, if I buy a box of Annie’s crackers, I’ll spend $3.99 or so on a box that’s gone in a couple of days.  Or, I can buy a tub of organic applesauce (or make my own at home from organic apples), dry them in my oven or dehydrator, and make fruit leather.  That snack will last a lot longer, and is much healthier for us!

You can read more about saving money and eating organically here.

My recommendation – skip the “natural” products and save your food dollars for organic products.

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