Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Do the brightly colored bags of candies call to you when you walk through the store, looking for stocking stuffers?  I have to admit, they call to me!  Even though I know their ingredients, and I don’t want my children eating them, years of buying (and consuming!) them don’t fade easily.  To help us all leave those bags on the shelf, I’ve compiled some suggestions for candy-free stocking stuffers!   Don’t see one of your ideas?  Add it in the comments!

Craft Supplies!   My kids LOVE to do crafts.  New crayons, watercolors, markers, glitter, glue sticks are just the start!

Slinkies can provide hours of entertainment, particularly if you have stairs around your house.  I found one for only $1 at the Target Dollar spot.

If you have a little princess in your life, new hair bows are always a hit!

For slightly older kids, Legos are ever-popular.   I found the smaller sets in the Target stocking stuffer area (next to all those aforementioned candy bags!)

Light-Up Bouncy Ball!  My kiddos are younger, and a light-up bouncy ball will keep them entertained for a while!

New underwear with characters like Angry Birds, Cars, Hello Kitty, or whomever your kid’s favorite character is!

Kid flashlights!

Magnets or stickers!  (Magnets for older ones – my little dropped a set of refrigerator magnets on my computer yesterday – ahh!)

My kids LOVE little craft projects!  I can often get a fabulous deal on little projects at Joann’s with the coupons that come in the mail.  (Sign up here if you don’t currently receive them.)

Fruit leathers are great little snacks to tuck into a stocking.

Fruit!   Apples, oranges, tangerines

My dad always stuck lottery tickets in our stockings.  I think I won $20… once?

Merissa found cute little musical instruments at the thrift store!

One of my favorite tips comes from my friend Makenzie.  She puts tickets in her kids’ stockings for things like staying up 15 minutes later, ice cream date with mom, movie with dad, etc.

Those suggestions ought to get you started!  What do you do for your kids’ stockings?


  • Sue

    we do toothbrushes, toothpaste, ban roll on, peanuts (2/$1 at dollar store) books, makeup,
    this is just afew, we stay far away from the candy!

  • Beth Hargett

    We do hair brushes, hair ties, school paper, pencils, pens, books, socks, etc. All of these things usually come from the dollar store or Target. We also do trial bottles shampoo, lotion, deodorant, and toothpaste. The only candy I put in is a Lifesavers storybook as I always got one as a child and I am carrying on the tradition.