My Favorite Books About Essential Oils

Books on Essential OilsYou may have noticed that things are shifting on the Internet in regards to what we are allowed to communicate about using essential oils. Pinterest graphics are disappearing, and many blog posts already have. Books in our hands to reference are invaluable. I wanted to share a few of my favorite resources with you. These have all helped me in my health journey.  They come from one of two places: Amazon and Life Science Publishers.   Enjoy!

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Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide

Essential Oils Desk Reference

Essential Oils Desk Reference
Healing Intelligence
The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils


Taming the Dragon Within

Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God’s Love Made Manifest in Molecules by David Stewart


The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Even Simplier


Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils


Gentle Babies

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Animal Desk Reference


Integrative Medical Guide for Essential Oils


The Raindrop Technique

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