Mission Possible: Healthy Teeth! Installment #1

I have a love/hate relationship with my teeth. I love them simply because it would be near impossible to eat without them. My dislike comes in because, apparently, my teeth aren’t very strong. I brush them (and sometimes floss them) and still had lots of bad news at the dentist last month. (I try not to be jealous of my husband – he has NEVER had a cavity!). It was rather disheartening to be told by the dentist that I don’t have good teeth, as he’s filling two cavities and giving me two root canals (one of which got infected – augh!)

After that series of expensive trips, I have been a woman on a mission to make some changes in how I treat my teeth. I want to have a cavity-free dentist visit next time! A small goal for some perhaps, a big goal for me!

I’m taking a two-fold approach to helping my teeth. I want to eliminate the bacteria that are creating the decay. I want to do that in a natural way, that won’t harm my body as well as the bacteria! I also want to strengthen my teeth so they don’t get eaten up by the bacteria in the first place!

I’ve written before about healing cavities naturally through fermented cod liver oil and butter oil.  I still believe strongly in this and know that it works – if you actually take the capsules!  Ahem.  That’s where I run into trouble.  

Enter: Earthpaste

Earthpaste is a new brand of toothpaste developed by Redmond Trading Company.  It leaves out undesirable ingredients like fluoridepropylene glycol and sodium laurel sulfate. Redmond Trading Company was kind enough to send me a few tubes to review and I’ve been really happy with what I’ve found.  Since I’m already ‘trained’ to brush my teeth every day, simply using a different brand is an easy switch!

The ingredients in Earthpaste are top notch:

  • Purified Water
  • Food Grade Redmond Clay
  • Xylitol
  • Redmond Real Salt
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Menthol (peppermint and wintergreen flavors)
  • Essential Oils (Cinnamon or Peppermint, depends on flavor)

I had already been interested in trying out Bentonite clay, since it’s naturally detoxifying and contains a number of necessary minerals. It’s helpful to get a daily dose of it in my toothpaste! It’s also a natural polisher that has antibacterial properties.

Since Earthpaste doesn’t contain any artificial colors, it’s earth-colored! That doesn’t bother me at all. The flavors are nice too – even though it has a brown shade, it doesn’t taste anything like dirt! It tastes like, toothpaste. Of the three flavors, I liked Wintergreen the best and my husband prefers the Cinnamon. I sent some samples home with a friend and her family gave the taste two thumbs up as well!

If you’d like to give Earthpaste a try, you can order it directly from Redmond Trading Company (use coupon code TryEarthpaste to get a 15% discount), and shipping is free for orders above $35!   You can also find it on Amazon for $4.38 per tube!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • Patti King

    You need to try ToothSoap. We have been using it for a few years now and no cavities or anything. My son is adopted from China and has little enamel on his teeth and since using Tooth Soap, he has not had any more problems. Check it out at toothsoap.com It is really great stuff!!