I Was Brave & It Paid Off

I was brave

I’d heard of this modality in the world of natural health, and one of my friends even practices it.   I hadn’t been brave enough to say, ok my turn! until last week.

And, predictably, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!   It was fascinating and I actually liked it!    So much so that I’m going back again tomorrow!

What is this mystery treatment?

Acupuncture.  Have you tried it?  All I could think about were the needles!  Ugh!!   BUT – they really are teeny tiny!   And I only felt them a couple of times.

When I did feel them is KEY – because when it hurt, it meant that something was off in my body.    Our bodies have energy meridians, and over 400 acupuncture points.  Many of those points correspond to a different organ of the body.  And they’re in rather odd places!   For example, a point on the right calf corresponds to the spleen.  Ask me how I know lol.  That one was a bit owie, so I asked my practitioner about it. I learned to tell him which ones hurt a little, because that was a clue to him about what my body needed.   He could “tune” the needle, and either draw more energy to the organ, or reduce the amount of energy flowing to the organ, depending on what it needed.

Acupuncture is a complicated process and I’m just beginning to learn.  I’m fascinated by what I’m learning though, and excited to dive in more!   I’ll keep you posted!