Husband Food – Meal Plan #2

When my husband decided to marry me, he sure didn’t pick me because of my culinary skills.

So, it makes me super excited when I can put together a meal that he really enjoys.   This week, that happened not once, but TWICE.


Awesome and SUPER EASY Meal #1

Pulled Pork (in the crock pot!)   I LOVED how simple this was!  I made it for Sunday lunch, it’s lasted for several meals, and we still have pork left over!   Chris cut up the onions for me.  (Maybe one day I’ll post a pic of how I cut up onions.  It involves me wearing my 7 yr old son’s scuba mask.  Not highly effective but quite entertaining for all other parties involved.)

Anyway.  Hubby was home so he helped. 🙂  Into the crockpot went the first onion, then I added the pork roast, and then poured some Ginger Ale on top.  I found the natural cane sugar kind at Trader Joe’s.  I finished it off with one more onion and left it to cook overnight.  In the morning, I drained off the juice, mixed in bbq sauce, and let it cook for a few more hours.  DONE!

I felt like a hero.  Chris had a blast turning it into a fun “man dish”.  He added blue corn chips, shredded cheese, guac, and cowboy caviar, and then proclaimed it perfect Super Bowl food.

Awesome and slightly more complicated Meal #2

Chicken Marsala.
 I used Chef Emerile Lagasse’s recipe and, oh my gosh, we thought we were in a restaurant.  It was THAT good.   It was so totally amazing I can’t wait to get more red wine so I can make it again.  I’m going to wait till we move in mid-December though, because I’m trying to purchase as little as possible right now and use what we have!   His directions were nice and thorough, and this non-chef didn’t have any trouble following them.

Let me know if you decide to try either of these recipes, and how you like them!

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