A Ounce of Prevention: My Daily Routine to Stay Healthy Using Essential Oils

I get asked a lot to share my daily “sickness prevention” strategies. Natural remedies are helpful to our bodies when we are sick, and they are powerful in helping us stay healthy in the first place!

My routine is simple – or I couldn’t keep up with it!
Every morning:
* 2 oz or so of NingXia Red with 2 drops of Young Living Orange oil and a splash of elderberry mixed in.
* I apply a couple drops of an oil blend like Thieves, Immupower, Exodus II, or Longevity to the soles of my feet. (The pores are really big on the bottom of your feet, so it’s a great place to apply oils.)
* a couple of Juice Plus vitamins

My kids follow the same routine. My oldest (7) loves his NingXia Red! It’s very high in anti-oxidants and tastes delicious!

If there’s a lot of sickness going around my community, I also
* take a couple capsules of Inner Defense
* drink another couple ounces of my NingXia Red + orange oil + elderberry at night
* apply the oils a few times throughout the day
* Diffuse blends like Thieves or RC in the air.
* take a few more Juice Plus vitamins

These are working well for me!  I haven’t been sick with more than a sniffle since sometime last spring!  That’s pretty huge for me!