How To Support Your Emotions With Essential Oils

Who’s got emotions? All of us, right?? Did you know that essential oils can be a powerful tool in helping soothe them?

Check out my video below about emotions… I share more in detail of the “how’s,” but I wanted to give you a quick reference list!

For most of these, except peppermint because it’s strong, you can rub them along your brow and temples as well as on your palms.

  • Joy: emotional traumas, painful memories, and heartaches. Lifts the spirit and reduces depression, anxiety, and grief
  • Sandalwood: when a person is overly emotional, trapped in dependency issues, or has faith concerns
  • Harmony: when someone feels trapped in their situation or feels ignored in life
  • Clarity: helps to dispel feelings of repression and guilt
  • Peace and Calming: helps relieve indecisiveness, moodiness, and the fear of being a victim.
  • Peppermint: feelings of dependence and failure
  • Lavender: feelings of abandonment
  • Lemon: feelings of sadness and frustration (avoid for sun exposure if you apply on the face)
  • Frankincense: slows and deepens the breath, creates a sense of calm