How to Kick the Flu, Naturally!

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Is your Facebook feed as jolly as mine?  I see lots of stories about people with the flu, the stomach flu, or yucky colds.  Bleh!

A good friend shared with me about how her dad kicked the flu OVERNIGHT, and so I asked her if I could pass it along to all of you!  She graciously said yes, so keep reading for the regimen she suggested to her dad.   (Remember that we are moms, not medical professionals.   This is not intended as medical advice.) 

My friend, Cherie, shared that her dad, who is 72, was told that he had Type A flu yesterday afternoon. They started using the oils immediately.  He’s very medical minded and always listens to his doctor.   She asked him to give me 24 hrs and gave him a regimen to do.  When she checked on him this morning, he was clear as a bell with no congestion and said he slept great!  He finished by saying he is now a believer in the oils!

Her Regimen
Cherie had him mix up 1 tsp coconut oil w/ 2 drops each of lemon, lavender, peppermint.  He applied this mixture every 30 mins on his chest and neck until bedtime.   Then he put a few drops of Frankincense up his spine.  He put a few drops of Thieves on the soles of his feet, repeated every 1hr until bedtime.  He diffused Frankincense and peppermint.  She also had him take 1 drop of Thieves & lemon in a tsp of raw honey hourly until bedtime. Cherie’s motto: hit it hard!!!!

Please remember to only use Young Living oils internally.  Other oils, especially from grocery or health food stores, may be contaminated with petrochemicals, synthetics, or additives and are not safe to use.  

Be armed:  get your starter kit (with all the oils Cherie used to fight the flu) before the flu threatens your household!