Get a Healthy Jump Start on 2014: Become More Medically Independent!

2014 ought to be an interesting year in the health care field.  I hear reports, like that 70% of doctors in California aren’t getting on board with Obamacare, and that many are thinking about retiring.   I read other reports like the one about the superbug MRSA on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on Dec 17.   Otherwise healthy people are picking up MRSA outside of the hospital, and they are going into organ failure just hours later.  Scary stuff.

Those and other reports like them make me stop and think.  I am thankful for the medical field.  Many, many people wouldn’t be alive without it.   But many more, to the tune of 100,000 a year, have died from using pharmaceutical drugs.  And they didn’t die from overdosing or the like.  They died from side effects of using the medicine properly.   Ugh.   Another 20,000 died from ERRORS in the hospital.

I want to be as independent as practically possible.  A number of people think about this in terms of food – growing their own, and in terms of power – going off the grid and using solar power, for example.   I think about it now in terms of medical care too.  I want to be able to take care of the normal things we run to the doctor for, at home, with safe and powerful natural remedies.

What does this look like for me?

Currently, it looks like continuing to revamp our diet.  If the germs don’t have a good place to take root and grow, then our bodies can defeat them and we can avoid getting sick in the first place.   We are beginning to experiment with drastically reducing or eliminating grains and sugar.  We’ll be adding lots of fruits and vegetables instead!  (Our aquaponics unit is going to be busy!)

Independence also looks like learning to take care of a lot of things at home.   One of the main tools in my arsenal now is essential oils.   Over the past year and a half, my family has been growing in our knowledge of using them, and we just love them.   We’ve used them on all sorts of things including colds, flu, kidney stones, allergies, hives, asthma, spider bites, fevers, rashes, and other things I’ve forgotten.

I have a great reference book that’s over 460 pages long, and I can look up which oil to use and how to use it.  I’m also part of a couple of awesome Facebook groups where other oil users help each other learn.

If you’d like to become more medically independent, I have a special end-of-year offer for you:

Young Living has put together an awesome starter kit.  It comes with 11 different 5ml bottles of essential oil AND a diffuser.  It’s a power-packed box.

Now through Jan 2, I am offering a $20 off voucher for each new person who joins Young Living with a Premium Starter Kit.  I will also send you one of those awesome 460+ page reference books, and introduce you to the oh-so-helpful Facebook groups!

To get this deal, follow these instructions and join Young Living:

THEN, send me an email letting me know you joined with a Premium Starter Kit, and I will add the $20 credit to your account!  I’ll also get a reference book in the mail to you!