Homeopathic Immunizations and Why You Should Consider Them

Homeopathic Immunizations & Why You Should Consider Them

Discussion about vaccinations can quickly become heated, and so it’s not something I’ve ever addressed on this blog before.  No matter where you are on the broad spectrum of opinion, I think we can all agree that helping people gain immunity from disease is a good thing.   And that’s the underlying purpose of vaccinations.  Things start to get messy when you factor in valid concerns about vaccine injury and that, because of the National Child Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, vaccine manufacturers have ZERO liability.  (Wouldn’t that name make you think it’s supposed to protect CHILDREN??   But I digress.)  I wouldn’t buy anything from a manufacturer who hides behind a cloak of immunity, and is not responsible for any ill effects their products might have.

That being said, what if I told you that there IS another option?  And it’s an option that boasts of a 90.4% success rate.  Conventional vaccinations only offer 40%-90% effectiveness.  This alternative option contains no adjuvants (additives that typically are the cause of vaccine injury), and it offers an overall boost to your health as well.   This option doesn’t add to the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry, which by the way, spends twice the lobbying dollars in Congress as the next largest (oil and gas), so you likely haven’t heard of it.

Homeoprophylaxis, or homeopathic mmunizations, are not a new idea.  Unfortunately, my book with the full history is packed in a box right now, so I’ll have to share it with you another time.  Alternatively, you can get your own copy from Amazon:  The Solution.    During scarlet fever epidemics in the 1800s, homeopathic remedies proved to have a much greater success rate than ordinary medicine.   One of the homeopaths developed the idea of using the homeopathic remedy BEFORE people got the infection, and they were able to stem the epidemic in the region.

Clinical Evidence

Let’s look briefly at some of the clinical evidence.   Again, you can dive deeper into the studies by reading The Solution.  My purpose today is to give you an introduction. 🙂

Dr. Isaac Golden, PhD, from Australia, conducted a 15 year study on homeoprophylaxis, involving 3000 children.   They found over a 90.4% success rate of immunity when children were exposed to the disease.

In Brazil, 65,826 people participated in a study using these remedies for Meningitis.  They were found to be 95% effective!

And in Cuba, 2.3 million people were treated for leptospirosis, a terrible flu like sickness with a high mortality rate.  When homeoprophylaxis was used, the incidence rate dropped by 84%!

In India, 20 million children were treated for Japanese encephalitis from 1999-2001.  The incidence was reduced by more than 99%!

How does Homeoprophylaxis work?  

The homeopathic immunizations are prepared in the same way as a homeopathic remedy.   There is no molecule left of the actual virus, just the essence of it.   The body recognizes the essence, and produces an immune response.   (Sounds kind of out there, doesn’t it?)   I’m just beginning to learn about energy as it relates to affecting our health, but suffice it to say that everything around us, including our bodies, has an energy field that can be measured.    You can read more about homeopathy and how it works here:  Why Homeopathy Makes Sense and Works

Homeopathic immunizations are offered for a wide variety of diseases.   They are administered as sugar pills, taken easily by small children.   The basic HP kit includes remedies for pertussis, pneumococcal disease, polio, Hib, Meningococcal disease, tetanus, measles, and mumps.  The kit includes enough remedies for up to 5 children and costs $298.   The program takes between 18-31 months, and is completely customizable.  If you don’t want to  give a remedy for, say pertussis, you don’t have to give it.  The remedies are administered by parents, at home, and only given once a month.   The program is administered by a licensed homeopath, who offers free consultations while you are participating in the program.

The homeopath I spoke with recommended starting when babies are over a year old, if they are being nursed.  If they are on formula, they can start this program anytime over a month of age.

I realize I’ve probably prompted more questions in your mind than I’ve answered, so feel free to ask away in the comments, or send me an email, and I’ll do my best to help you!   You can also nab one or two of these books off Amazon and they will be a great help!

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