FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers for 50% off! Plus Melissa & Doug toys, Ariat boots, & more!

Fuzzibunz are my favorite brand of cloth diapers!   They worked so well on my kids!   I loved saving money by not buying disposables and feeling like I was helping not contribute to landfills.

You can get a great deal on FuzziBunz cloth diapers today by combining two deals!  Plum District is offering a $35 voucher for $50 worth of items from Zullily.  You can get a $5 off promo code to Plum District by liking them on Facebook, bringing your total down to $30 for $50 worth.

Then, FuzziBunz diapers (my favorite brand!) are on sale for 35% off at Zullily, making them only $13.99 apiece!   You can get 3 cloth diapers for $50, but you only pay $30 out of pocket!  That’s almost 50% off!   It’s a little complicated but not too bad – and you get 50% off!


(If you’re not into diapers, Zulily also has Melissa & Doug toys, Ariat boots, bamboo kitchenware, and more on sale but I digress…)  (I love this boot!)



Here’s how to snag this deal!

1.  Head over to the Plum District Facebook page and “like’ them.  Follow the instructions and they’ll give you a promo code to use at checkout for $5 off.

1.  Sign up for Plum District if you’re new to them.  Then, head over to Plum District for the Zulilly deal.  You can’t find this deal through the main page.  It’s top secret <G>.  At checkout, remember to enter your code for “liking” them, or you can use the code “fabulous” to get $3.50 off.    Go to your account and get your voucher number.

2.  Now, sign up for Zullily if you’re new to them.   Go to the deals and have fun!

Happy Saving!

(Thanks, Surviving The Stores and Money Saving Mom!)