So I’ve never been a health food nut and, for years, thought “organic” was simply a marketing ploy.  Chris had some allergy tests done recently that have caused us to really re-evaluate our diet.  After meeting with a friend to learn about her healthful habits (she goes so far as to grind her own wheat!), I read The Maker’s Diet and watched a shocking documentary called ‘Food, Inc”.

My views on food have been forever changed.

I knew, thanks to my mom and Jamie Oliver, that processed foods were bad.  I didn’t realize how bad until recently.  Jordan Rubin, in The Maker’s Diet, compares and contrasts the health of different cultures based on the foods they eat.  The results are incredible and enough to make a believer out of me!  God gave instructions on how to eat in the Bible for a reason, and I’m interested to learn more about them.

So we’re beginning our journey towards eating better, and I’m excited and slightly intimidated/overwhelmed all at once.  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going, and post interesting links, etc that I find along the way.  I took a “before” photo of our pantry last night and am super interested to see the “after” picture in a few months or so.  I’m also thinking about starting a garden and getting a goat for milk. =)

I made my first trip to buy “healthy” food today and came home with kefir, Ezekiel bread (bread that’s alive – and it’s GOOD!), organic eggs, bananas, yams, strawberries, and oranges, and some rice milk.  It turns out the butter I thought I was buying isn’t butter after all.  So much to learn!   It’s more expensive, to be sure, but I will find ways to do it “cheaper”, and it will be worth it!  My own garden and the goat are some of my ideas on cost-reduction.  I’d like chickens too but Chris isn’t so keen on that…

We have some retraining of our palettes to do.  I LOVE sweet stuff and processed foods.  Now that I know how bad all that is for me, I’m going to put some concentrated effort into retraining myself.

If you’re on this road too, let me know!  I’d love to travel it with you!

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  • Bethany

    We're right there with you!!! I haven't read the book yet, but it's on my list. I have been trying, since the start of the year, to feed my family foods that fit a "real food" diet of no processed, full fat, closer to the way God made it kind of style. It is more expensive, but I think worth it 🙂 Using a lot of websites (I can share if you're interested), we found a local farm to buy organic, free range eggs from and I'm still working on how we can afford grass-fed beef (right now, we're eating the HEB "Natural" which isn't grass fed totally, but at least it is partially according to the butcher and is a lot better than the regular beef they sell).

    I've started planning a garden for next year, since I was too late this year. I too watched "Food Inc." and Jamie Oliver and am doing my best to take care of my family with the knowledge I've gained! I'd love to hear more about your journey too, so please keep sharing!!!