Interested but have a few more questions?  I’ll try to answer them below!

1.  Is this a multi-level marketing company?  I don’t generally like those.

I don’t generally like them either.  For one, I don’t like to sell anything.  If someone is trying to push me to buy something, I don’t buy it (at least not from them!)  I have been very impressed with the integrity of Young Living and their commitment to quality.  I don’t have to “sell” these oils – they sell themselves!   It is a blessing to be able to earn some income from sharing about something that I would talk about (and did!) even when there is no income-earning opportunity.

2.  Do I have to order something every month?

Nope!  There is no obligation to order every month.  You will want to place a $50 order once a year, to keep your membership active.  But you’ll do that if you’re using the oils anyway.  If you do miss that deadline, you can reactivate your account with a 100pv order. Customer Service is easy to work with. 🙂

3.  Can I order something every month?

Why, yes you can!  I do. 🙂  You can change what you order every month, and you can earn rewards from your orders.  I’m now earning 20% back on each monthly order that I place through Essential Rewards.

4. I don’t want to sell anything.  Do I still need to sign up as a distributor?

Enrolling as a distributor gives you wholesale pricing (24% below retail).  You are never obligated to sell anything – but if you do change your mind, it’s easy to get started.

5. I’d like to find out more about how I can earn extra money, working from home, without having to buy product to resell.   Can you tell me more? 

Sure!  I simply used the oils for almost a year before I seriously considered the business side.  Now that I have, I’m so glad I did!   I’m able to offer people a high quality product that can help them maintain (or regain!) their health, and get paid for doing it.  It’s relatively easy to earn enough to pay for your own oils each month, and, with some reasonable effort, you could replace a nurse’s income, or even more than that.  If you’d like to know more about the business side, send me an email.

6.  I’ve heard you can get free oils?    

Yes!  You can get free oils by cashing in your Essential Rewards points, or by taking advantage of Young Living’s monthly specials.  It’s kind of like Christmas every month when my box comes.  🙂

7.  Why do these oils cost more than the ones I see in the grocery store?

It’s all about purity.   Oils in the stores only have to contain 5% of the oil to be labeled “pure”.  The rest of the bottle can be filled with synthetics, petrochemicals, and other additives.  In France, they export 100% more oils than they produce.  That’s not possible without extenders!  So, please know, as you read about oils, to only take Young Living oils internally, or use them on something like a burn.  Serious damage can result otherwise.   For me, the price difference is more than worth it.  We do our best to ‘eat clean’, and using a high grade of oil is part of living healthy!

8.  When I’m enrolling, do I have to get the Essential Rewards kit too?  
Nope!  They can be packaged together, but feel free to check the No thank you box and just get the starter kit!

9.  Why does it ask for my social security number?
When you enroll as a wholesale member to get the discounted pricing, you have the opportunity to share oils with your friends, and earn some income. If you earn over $600 a year, YL will send you a 1099 for your taxes.  They need your social to do that.  They don’t use it for anything else.  If you’d like, you can apply for an EIN number and use that instead.

You can get started here: Join Young Living. 

1. Select that you want to enroll as a new wholesale member.

2. Select the kit you’d like.  (You’ll get the best value in the Premium Starter Kit.  It comes with ELEVEN (11) 5ml bottles of oil, and a diffuser!)

Our oils quickly paid for themselves, just in the money we saved from not going to the doctor!

If you join Young Living through my link, I will send you an Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide!  This book is PACKED with info on oils, and literally thousands of ways to use them.

Questions? Feel free to contact me here or on Facebook!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  I am an independent distributor for Young Living.  #1325257


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