Essential Oils Cases: Ideas for Portability

Essential Oil CasesThis has probably happened to you too.  I’ve been out and about and something happens.  A bee sting, an ant bite, an upset tummy, or worse.  And I need my oils right then!

There are several different options for having your oils with you.  While you’re still building up your stash, the 5/8 dram bottles can be helpful.  You just add your oil of choice to each bottle.  My challenge has been that they leak sometimes.  This hasn’t been a widely-reported issue, so my guess is that it’s user-error. 🙂  Make sure and close your bottles well!

I like this keychain case with the 5/8 dram bottles.  Personally, I love the purple but there are a variety of other color options, including black.

Essential Oil Keychain Travel Case

You can also get extra 5/8 dram bottles.

This Dr. Mom travel bag holds 10 bottles, 5 – 15 ml.  It gets great reviews and is made from super sturdy material.

Dr. Mom travel bag
Here’s a shot of the inside of the same bag.   This one also comes with a variety of trendy color options.
Dr. Mom bag - Inside

This essential oil travel bag has the Young Living logo and comes in black or purple.  It will also hold 10 bottles, 5 – 15 ml.

Essential Oil Travel Bag w Young Living logo

If you travel a lot, those cases are GREAT because they should be compatible with airport security!  Just tuck them into a ziplock baggie and you’re good to go!

Happy oiling!

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