DIY Layered Milk Bath

I love finding new ways to elevate my “me time”. This layered milk bath is a game changer! Oh, and it looks fabulous sitting by your bathtub! (Makes a great gift too!)

Layered Milk Bath
Makes 1 (16-ounce) bath soak

1 cup Himalayan bath salt

1 cup powdered goat’s milk

Essential oils: I used a couple of drops of Lavender and Eucalyptus
Use your favorite combo.

½ cup dried rose petals


  • Combine Himalayan bath salt with essential oil, and mix well.
  • Place ½ cup powdered goat’s milk into a pint-size glass jar, creating an even layer on the bottom. Next, add a ½-cup layer of Himalayan bath salt followed by a layer of rose petals. Repeat layers of powdered mixture and salt until the jar is full. Then close the jar tightly.

To use: pour the entire contents of the jar into hot bath water and stir gently to dissolve.

Now time to relax!