Common Toiletry Ingredient Found in 99% of Breast Cancer

Once you finish reading this post, I want you to get up from the computer and go to your bathroom. Pull out your personal care products and read the labels. Throw in the trash EVERYTHING that has an ingredient with a paraben on the label. Don’t think twice about it, or dwell too much on how that’s your favorite shampoo or deodorant, or whatever. Just throw it out. Your body will thank you.

Our personal care products are full of chemical preservatives called parabens. According to a study from California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, these parabens trick healthy cells into acting like cancer cells. Furthermore, a study published in the January ’12 edition of the Journal of Applied Technology found parabens in 99% of breast cancer tissue.  No one is saying 100% that parabens cause breast cancer, but all signs seem to indicate that they definitely play a role.

So, do yourself a favor, and purge your bathroom of all your chemical-laden products!  If you’d like to read more about other yucky chemicals to look for as you’re reading labels (like propylene glycol and aluminum), take a look at my post “Getting Rid of Chemical Intruders – On our Skin!!” (written as a guest post at Surviving The Stores).

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