Carcinogens in your Baby Shampoo?

Have you seen the recent headlines about a major baby products company and the ingredients in their baby bath products?   Their products contain both formaldehyde and propylene glycol.   The company promises that their baby products will be carcinogen free in two years – so I’ll check back in two years and see how they’re doing.  In the mean time, I’m finding new shampoo!

It’s funny, about a week before the news broke, I had picked up my bottles during the kids’ baths and starting reading the ingredients.  That’s the last time I used them.

I expected more, honestly, from this company.  Their entire marketing strategy is all about safe products for your baby!

They even have a new “natural” line, but there is nothing natural about it.  It’s full of chemicals too.

For now, I’m using the same Whole Foods brand shampoo and body wash for the kids that I use myself.  Seems to be working just fine.


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  • Jeremy Oakson

    I really make sure that every baby product I use is chemical free. I think that you be careful that the shampoo you use to your baby should be carcinogen free. It is important that your baby is safe.