A Simple Change = Saved $$! (Frugal Friday)

Are you interested in a simple change that will help you save your $$, and produce less paper waste?

Use washrags and small towels instead of paper towels.

I promised it was simple. After you use them, toss the rags into your normal laundry load. Your rags don’t have to be fancy – I use prefold cloth diapers (that weren’t used on the baby) and those have worked wonderfully! You could use cut-up old t-shirts or even scraps from old bath towels.

I’m thrilled to be able to save a little more of my grocery/household budget money just by skipping the paper towels. At around $6/pack, I buy about a pack a month – so that’s $72 a year saved on just paper towels!


  • Marsha Cooper

    Simple but great tip. I make rugs and things from t-shirts. I always cut up the top part that I don’t use for rags. Sometimes I throw them away, sometimes I do throw them in with the wash. Depends on what we clean up with them. It’s always worked for me.
    We do still buy paper towels since I don’t know what else to drain bacon and sausage on….have any ideas there?

    • Sarah

      Hi Marsha,

      That’s a great question. Sorry, I don’t have any ideas right now. That’s really cool that you make rugs from t-shirts! I’d love to see a picture!


    • Kate

      We use newspaper for draining paper towel! I fought with that one too, because you can’t eat undrained bacon! But I don’t like buying paper towel. Then a friend of mine told me about that, not as a ‘don’t buy papertowel’ thing, but because she grew up in a big, not very well off family and that’s what her Mom always did.

    • Sarah

      Hi Amiee, Feel free to do an intro and then send them here to read the rest please. Makes Google happier. 🙂 Sarah