WHAT’S on my strawberries??!!

image from newsi.es

Strawberries have long been my favorite.  I could eat them by the pound and I will arm wrestle you and win over chocolate covered strawberries.
Therefore, I have been SO disappointed to learn about the particularly nasty pesticide they’re using on strawberries now.  Let me introduce you to methyl iodide.  This fantastic chemical is a known carcinogen and it can cause brain damage and miscarriages.  It’s been approved for use in California even though they KNOW it is awful for us!  Chemists don’t even want to handle it in the lab… yet they think we can eat it?
I’m thus saying good-bye to strawberries unless they’re organic.  I even passed up 75¢ packages at Walmart last week when normally I would have stocked up!!

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