Some help for the breakfast conundrum

Breakfast has been a challenge at our house lately.  I was shocked to learn that Lucky Charms and Special K have the same nutritional value.  Equally shocking was to read articles about the extrusion process and the horrible effects cereal has on test rats.  (Hmm… maybe I should feed cornflakes to the rat that refuses to get caught in our trap and likes to live in the back of my oven.  I think he’s the size of my cat.  I have a cat… WHY do I have a rat too?  Ok, I digress).

After that education, I tried REALLY hard to not eat cereal.  REALLY HARD.  I made baked oatmeal, regular oatmeal, breads, and other things I can’t think of right now.  But, in the end, I am generally too brain dead in the morning to do anything more than pour a bowl of cereal.  And I still like cereal.  More than oatmeal.

So I was DELIGHTED to make a discovery in the natural section of Kroger a couple of weeks ago – Mom’s Best Naturals.  They make the equivalent of honey nut cheerios, golden grahams, frosted mini wheats, raisin bran, and some others.  And there are no yucky ingredients!  (It may still be extruded… I’m not clear on that part.. but at least the ingredients are decent!)   And – it’s only $2.49 a box regular price.  It also goes on sale a lot and their website has coupons.  NICE.  

Happy breakfast eating!