Review: Two Fun Games from USAopoly!

USAopoly Games Review

We LOVE playing games at my house, and I’m thrilled that my kids are now getting old enough to play that will engage me as well!   We jumped at the opportunity to review two games for USAopoly, and they sent us Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone to play and review.

The kids dived into the Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone game first and were hilarious to watch!   Super D picked a category card, and tapped the timer button to start the game.  He then had 10 seconds to give an answer that matched the category, tap the Tapple letter button, and reset the timer.

There are a broad range of categories including On a Farm, Countries, Pizza Toppings, Electronics, Desserts, At the Beach, Song Titles, Street Names, Emotions, Tools, In the Ocean, and lots more!!


Tapple is designed for ages 8 and up, and we quickly saw why when we started playing.  Super D did great with this game, and we enjoyed playing it together!  When our 5 year old Sweetheart joined the game, things got…interesting.   She is still learning what letters start different words, and didn’t really grasp the concept of the category.  This is a great game for her to play on a team with me, because it’s definitely building her vocabulary, and helping her learn about starting letters for words!

The game gets a little competitive because players are eliminated from each round if they don’t complete their turn on time, give an answer that doesn’t match the category (Sweetheart’s favorite thing to do), or press a letter for an unacceptable answer.  We had a great time debating about whether or not the word was appropriate for the category!

The game is compact, and well suited for travel because all the category cards fit neatly into the back of the game itself.   Organization makes me happy.   🙂


Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game is a super fun game as well!   It comes with 9 custom blocks, 52 strategy cards, and a storage bag.  The blocks are fun colors, and, thankfully, a bit unusual colors.   Our toddler quickly mixed the Wonky blocks in with his wooden building blocks, and I could easily separate them out because of the unusual color.  I expected the blocks to be flat on at least one side, and, surprise, they’re not all that way!

The strategy cards show you which color block you can play, and what size.   Sometimes, you have to use a certain size, but you can pick the color.  Other times, the card tells you which color to use, but allows you to pick the size.

Super D quickly caught on to how this game worked.  He wanted to play over and over again, and even took it over to his grandparents’ house, so he could challenge them to a game of Wonky!   I appreciate Wonky because it’s developing spatial as well as strategy skills!

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 USAopoly Review