Review: Spiritual Circle Journal (Quiet Time Aids for Kids!)

Review- Spiritual Circle Journal

I love exploring tools to help my kids learn how to spend time with God.  Now that my oldest can read, there are more and more possibilities open to him!   I was excited when Spiritual Circle Journal asked us to review their new Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens.

Spiritual Circle Journal

This journal is a nice size, 8.5 x 11″ landscape.  It has a clear plastic cover, with a card stock inside cover.  I love the thoughtfulness of the Spiritual Circle Journal team; they also included a blank cover so that kids can personalize their own.

The journal includes 3 pages of a Parent/Teacher/Leader Guide to help parents and ministry leaders fully utilize the journal.   The goal of the journal is to help guide the kids through a Quiet Time that is deep and fulfilling.  It asks questions to help the kids think through and process what’s happening in their lives.  Then, it helps kids apply the filter of the Word to their life situation.

Note: this is not a stand-alone Bible study.   The kids will still need a form of Bible study.  This journal is designed to help them apply what they are studying at home, at school, or at church to their daily lives.

Liz Lassa, the creator of the Spiritual Circle Journal, suggests several ways to make journaling fun and creative for the kids, including giving them a pencil pouch filled with various mediums and even stickers that they can use to decorate their journal.

Super D loved the Personal Page.   If you use one journal per year, it would be fun to track these and see how their favorites change over time.  There’s a spot to record their age, height, weight, and school, and well as a box to draw a selfie!   They can then list their favorite school subject, book, Bible character, sport, activity, friends, etc, etc.

Each journal page has nine circles, or categories, to fill in.   The kids are encouraged that they do not have to fill in every circle every time, or even in one sitting.   It’s best if parents/leaders can sit with the kids and walk through the process together several times, until the kids get the hang of it.    From personal experience, I can tell you that doing a brief explanation and then giving the journal to the kiddo, doesn’t work very well.   Like with any new skill, explain it and help them until they are tired of the help. 🙂   Then they can run with it on their own.  And, you’ll have taught them a new skill that they can use all of their lives!  It’s quite the worthwhile time investment. 🙂

The topics of the circles are the foundation of this journal and what really help the kids dive in deeper.
They include:
Journal Entry
God Moving
Lesson Learned Light-Bulb Moment
Thank You / Adoration

Spiritual Circle Journal Blank

Each circle in the kids section includes little abbreviations to help the kids remember what goes in each spot.  The drawings will also help them!  This journal includes 65 pages of blank circles.  The kids can do one a week, with a few extras!

This journal looks like a great way to help kids develop Quiet Time skills and deepen their relationship with God.  You can get your copy here –> Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens

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Spiritual Circle Journal