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One of my highest priorities is for my kids to know the Bible and to be strong and confident in their relationships with Jesus.   Our world is ever changing, and the Bible can serve as a plumbline for our future generations, to help them walk in God’s ways and not be swayed by deception.

I’ve been on the hunt recently for an online program they can use, so they can work on it without my direct input.   I was delighted to have the opportunity to review one of the Bible programs from Veritas Press.  They kindly gave us a one year subscription to   They also have a Self-Paced Bible option that has the Old Testament Parts 1 & 2, and New Testament Part 1.

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
We have absolutely loved our subscription.   The kids race to get on the computer in the morning to work on it, and they often complete more than one lesson.   I find myself pulling them away from it so they can get the rest of their work done, and they’re begging to “just do one more!” covers 96 different events, from Genesis to Joshua, Judges to Kings, and The Gospels.   Each event has a fun video with historically dressed and fun characters, Abigail and her brother Asher.  They teach the Bible lesson through the video format.  The kids also play games like Fruit Fall, Rainbow Meadows, and more.

veritasbible video

There are quizzes at the beginning and end of each event.  Kids take a pretest to evaluate their knowledge before the lesson, and then a post test to see how much they learned.

veritas bible quiz

Each event, like Creation or the Tower of Babel, has multiple lessons, so they can be covered in depth.  There are about five lessons per event, and 32 events per course.   Each course can take about a school year (or less if they do multiple lessons a day like my kids!)

My 6 year old, while she could have her own “account”, ended up working alongside her 9 year old brother, because there is more reading involved than what she is ready for.   Their 2 year old little brother would often join in too, listening to the videos.

I love that all my kids can deepen their knowledge of the Bible, while spending time together, in a way that really engages them and presents the material in a way they can remember.   Because each course is so in depth, we have 3 school years worth of Bible material here!  Veritas Press is also getting ready to release several new courses! offers a free trial with no credit card required.  Give it a try and your kids might fall in love like mine did!  I wholeheartedly recommend this program!  It’s a keeper for us!!

Veritas Press offers a number of other excellent programs too – I have my eye on their self-paced history programs!!  They would correspond very nicely with our Classical Conversations history memory work!

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Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

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