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MyFreezEasy Review

I have long been a fan of Erin Chase and her $5 Dinners!   I’ve had a copy of her $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook for years now and have enjoyed her meals!   Because of that, I was excited to have the opportunity to review her latest offering, MyFreezEasy.  We were given the Freezer Meal Plan Membership to review.


My favorite thing about MyFreezEasy is that the recipes are simple – the active prep time is usually somewhere around 10 – 15 minutes, with a 15-25 minute cook time.   If you want to prep all the meals for the freezer, Erin teaches you how to make 10 meals in under an hour!  That’s incredible!!   I’ve tried freezer meal prepping before and I spent HOURS in the kitchen making ten meals.  That was not repeatable for me!  MyFreezEasy is MUCH better!

Each month, Erin posts 8 different freezer meal plans:
* Traditional
* Gluten-Free
* Slow Cooker
* Clean Eats
* 20 Meals
* All Chicken (perfect when chicken is on sale!)
* All Ground Beef (perfect when beef is on sale!)
* All Pork Chops (perfect when pork chops are on sale!)

Each meal plan then has 5 meals in each one.  Our October meal choices, in the Traditional plan, included Chicken and Ranch Macaroni, Red and Chicken Enchilada Filling, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos, and Italian Sausage Pasta Skillet.  The Slow Cooker recipes included such deliciousness as Slow Cooker Red Pepper Chicken, French Dip Sandwiches, Italian Chicken & Vegetables, Simple Baby Beef Stew, and Island Chicken.   Gluten-Free recipes included Upside Down Nacho Skillet, Chicken-Curry Peanut Soup, Baked Island Chicken, and Split Pea Soup.   Naturally, I also checked out the Clean Eats menu – Paleo Chicken Taco Salad, Spinach Chicken Burgers, Bolognese Sauce,  and Mediterranean Chicken Thighs.

Say you have a hankering for a different kind of meal – Erin has you covered!   She has an entire library of meals that you can search, if you have the Premium membership!  You can search by Cooking Method, Type of Protein, and Dietary Preferences.  Drag and drop your chosen recipes into your RecipeBox.  Then you can print your meal plan and labels for your bags!

Each recipe gives instructions on how you can make it for the night you want to serve it, and how to make one for the freezer.   It’s easy to cook once, eat one, and save one!   The recipes also include modifications to make it either gluten free or dairy free, or both!

Erin also includes shopping lists to make life easy.   I appreciate that these recipes are essentially from scratch.   She doesn’t rely on canned soups, for example, that are often loaded with msg but are used a lot in quickie recipes.   There are a few canned vegetables, and a ranch dressing package mix in this month’s recipes, but everything else is fresh!  I don’t mind canned vegetables, and Trader Joe’s carries a decent ranch dressing packet.

Erin also has instructional videos in her video library, showing you how to prep each meal.  There are also helpful overview videos, introducing you to the program and helping you get in the groove.

I decided to make the Lazy Lasagna Bake, since we love lasagna around here!  We have started following the Trim Healthy Mama eating guidelines as much as possible, and this recipe was super easy to modify!  I just switched out the pasta for spinach and voila!  THM Friendly, Lazy Lasagna Bake, ready for the freezer.   Thanks Erin!!

You can get started with the Basic Membership for $7/month, or the Premium at $10/month.  Check out the difference here –> MyFreezEasy Membership

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