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It seems to be the year of ancient languages at the HomeSchool Review Crew!   I was excited to have the opportunity to review another Greek curriculum!  Greek ‘n’ Stuff sent us their full set of Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek – Level 3 Set to review.

Hey, Andrew!Teach Me Some Greek!

Greek ‘n’ Stuff sent us the Student workbook, teacher’s manual, and the pronunciation cd for Levels 3 & 4.   This is level 3, and it’s recommended for students who have completed Levels 1 and 2, OR who are in upper elementary school. My Super D is an incoming 5th grader (HOW??), so we fit into the latter category!  The student workbook contains 36 lessons, but the author stresses that the program is not designed around lessons.  Instead, an upper elementary student should do one or two pages a day.

The beginning of the program (lessons 1-2) gives a quick introduction to the alphabet.  Small games and activities are incorporated into the workbook that don’t require any prep from mom (hooray!).  These include lots of matching, and helping the kids see the nuances in the differences in the letters.

Lesson 3 jumps into learning their first word, a man!   They learn how to write it, and have 16 lines to practice writing this fun and complicated word.   The next page jumps into learning Brother, and helping the kids tell the difference between the two words.   The flashcards are introduced here, and the author, Karen Mohs, emphasizes the importance of their use!    The flashcards are included in the back of the workbook, and just need to be cut out, hold punched, and put on a ring (or however you like to do it!)

By the end of the program, your student will have learned 36 Greek vocabulary words.   They’re also learning to read sentences like Brother, we say a word to a man, and he writes a law.    They’re also learning to conjugate the verbs and give the correct endings.

The workbook doesn’t go into details for the kids on the types of conjugating they are doing.  It is explained, however, in the teacher’s manual, so you can always give your kids the details if you like.   The appendix includes information about Gender, Cases, and Declensions for the Greek scholars among us. 🙂

She also includes biblical copywork suggestions in the appendix.  Ms. Mohs suggests getting a copy of the Greek interlinear version of the New Testament.  Begin with the gospel of John, and write out the Greek.  Then go back and write out the English, for only about 5 – 10 minutes a day.   That alone is a great exposure to the language!!

I’m a fan of this program for several reasons.  First, it makes learning Greek, which can be a daunting task, fun!  Plenty of games and matching are included to help the kids learn.  Second, it requires NO prep work from mom.  I can literally hand this to Super D, show him what to do, and let him do it.   If you’re looking for a Greek program, it’s worth checking out!

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