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FlipStir Puzzle

Enlivenze LLC sent us a fun puzzle to try over summer break! We took it with us on a road trip, to ensure that the kids had time to sit still and really play with it. We reviewed their FlipStir puzzle called Solar System.  FlipStir Puzzles have won numerous awards from organizations like Dr. Toys, The National Parenting Center, Creative Child Awards, Brain Child, and lots more.

solar system

The puzzle is self-contained and includes the solution image both on the box and on the bottom of the puzzle.   My kids wanted it to come open so they could move the pieces with their fingers, or add a drink!  I appreciate that it is sealed shut, so we can’t lose any pieces!!

This puzzle is a challenge!  In hindsight, I would select a Level 1 puzzle to review instead of a Level 2 puzzle.   Their Level 1 puzzles are Rainbow Pencils and Tyrannosaurus Rex and would be simpler for my younger kids.   My kids just found it to be a little too complicated for them.

For this puzzle, you use the wand at the top of the puzzle to move the pieces into position.   It’s a great premise, and perfect for long car trips or waiting rooms.


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