math-u-see review

Review: Demme Learning’s Math-U-See Digital Packs

math-u-see review

Choosing a math curriculum is NOT an easy task.   There are a number of good options on the market, but Math-U-See is far and away our favorite.   We’ve been using it since Super D was in kindergarten, and he is currently breezing through the Gamma level.   We were so excited to have the opportunity to review Demme Learning’s Math-U-See Digital Packs and especially thrilled that Demme Learning generously gave us not only a year’s access to the Delta Level Digital Pack but also surprised us and sent us the student workbook & tests too!

Demme Learning Math U See Review
Math-U-See is based on the premise that children learn best when they have tactile input as well as visual and auditory.   Each Math-U-See level uses their manipulatives to help students “see” the concepts they’re learning.  Super D will often run to his math blocks box to help him puzzle out a challenging question.

The Math-U-See program is based on mastery and is designed to be really flexible so students can move at their own pace.  The levels are not based on grade level, but on particular concepts and skills.  Each level has a placement test available, so you can determine where to start your student.

I greatly appreciate how much Demme Learning cares about their students.   When Super D was younger, he was struggling with a particular math concept and I was a little lost about how to help him.  I had the opportunity to speak with Steve Demme himself at a homeschool convention right around that time, and he was quick to encourage me about how to help him.   Mr. Demme told me to show Super D how to do the first couple problems, sit with him while he did the next few, and then allow him to go on his own.   Giving Super D just a bit more help on tough concepts sky rocketed his confidence, and helped him over the math hump!  I really appreciated Mr. Demme’s attention – it’s obvious that he really cares about students!

Each Math-U-See lesson has 6 daily worksheets within it.   When a student is doing well and finding the concepts easy, they can do as few of the worksheets as needed.   Sometimes, if the first day was simple for him, I will let Super D take the weekly test, and if he aces it, we can go on to the next lesson.    We can also slow down if needed.   There are infinite (well, almost) more worksheets to print for free from their website as extra work.

Demme Learning Math U See Review
I love the convenience of the Digital Packs!   Instead of plugging in the dvd on our family dvd player in the living room, or hauling out our dinosaur computer with the DVD drive, Super D can pull up the lesson on my computer, or on my phone.  Each lesson is only a few minutes long, so I can spare my technology that long. 🙂 🙂   The Digital Packs also make the instruction very portable – we can do a new lesson no matter where we are!   I also can’t um, lose the dvd.   Not that that has ever happened at our house.   Of course not.  I am the epitome of organization.

Mr. Demme teaches each lesson, and he is an excellent math teacher!  Each concept is broken down into simple, manageable bites.   The Digital Packs also make it easy to watch a lesson again if need be, for review.   Super D has breezed through Gamma (multiplication) and he is finding his beginning Delta lessons to be manageable as well.  I love that Demme Learning has developed a math program that builds confidence in our students, as well as a firm understanding of how to do math!

You can connect with Demme Learning on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.  They love to hear from Math-U-See users!

Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review

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