Review: Brinkman Adventures, Season 3

brinkman adventures

We recently had the opportunity to review an audio drama from The Brinkman Adventures!   We were sent a set of 4 cd’s, with over 5 hours of adventure on them, called The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3.

Brinkman Adventures shares the stories of a large family, who live out their faith on a daily basis!  They also interact with a number of missionaries, and share their powerful stories.  I was laughing and crying as we listened to these cd’s!    They held me captive, and I often couldn’t change the disc fast enough (hard to do since I was driving!  Yes, mom, we were safe 🙂   )

The idea behind the Brinkman Adventures was birthed when Ian Brinkman was on a personal retreat. Their heart is to introduce kids to the world of missions, and to spark their curiosity about what God might be able to do through them too.  Ian’s kids play themselves on the show, and they recruited actors from their church.   The missionary stories come from a wide variety of ministries and sources, in order to share across a broad spectrum of the Body of Christ.

Episodes include
Disc 1
1. God’s Mule
2. Mountain Mover
3. The Silent Ambassador

Disc 2
4. Translating Trouble
5. Man-Up
6. Acorns & Oaks

Disc 3
7. A Saint’s Story, Pt 1
8. A Saint’s Story, Pt 2
9. Untouched

Disc 4
10. Busy Bees and a Bullhorn
11. Missionary Tourist, Pt 1
12. Missionary Tourist, Pt 2

My favorite episode is the first one, God’s Mule.   It tells the story of a man who put aside the potential to be a successful businessman, to instead smuggle Bibles.  God used him to smuggle countless Bibles into a closed country, to great danger to himself!   The stories of God’s hand and protection are awesome.  I’m itching to share them here, but you’ll just have to listen to the cds.  🙂   This story brought back such memories of when I was part of smuggling Bibles into an Asian nation.  I remember well the adrenaline rush, my quickened heartbeat, praying all the way through the airport, and the relief when I stood outside, on the other side of customs, after being waved right through.  God makes a way for His Word!

I recommend listening to Episode #5, Man-Up on your own first if your kids are younger.  It’s a rather intense story, and could be a little alarming to younger kids.  It’s very powerful though, and an exciting adventure for older kids!  (Some episodes are rated for ages 10 and up.)

Two of the episodes are about Steve Saint, Nate Saint’s son, and he actually participates in the recordings!    Nate Saint was a missionary to Ecuador, who was killed by natives there.  His son, Steve, grew up to be a missionary as well, and he shares his story here!

The adventures are also available as mp3’s.   The cd’s are available for a suggested donation of $27.99 and the mp3’s are $17.99.  If you’d like the program, but can’t afford the suggested donation, just contact them.

You can download three free adventures from Season 2, through the end of November!   Visit their website to download them!

Also on their website, you can check out The Stories Behind the Stories, to go deeper!  You can also see behind the scenes action on Youtube!

You can connect with The Brinkman Adventures on Facebook.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review