a+ interactive math review

Review: A+ Interactive Math

a+ interactive math review

Math is possibly the scariest homeschool subject!   I hear many moms say they’re hesitant to homeschool because they get overwhelmed by the math.  We may even have negative memories of math from our own schooling years.   A+ Interactive Math wants to help parents overcome that math obstacle!   We were given access to two of their Math Mini Courses and we chose to focus on Money and Tables, Charts, and Graphs.

Each mini-course offers a year’s access to the material and has between 10 and 35 lessons.   Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, elementary algebra, elementary geometry, decimals, fractions, and more.

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

After logging in, the kids go straight to their dashboard.   I like how the program is designed with bright primary colors to appeal to the kids.


Super D clicks on Video Lessons with Interactive Review to go straight to his work.

Then he can select the next lesson to work on.   We began with the Money Mini Math Course, which is 17 lessons long and designed for grades 1 -5.   I think the money course is very thorough!  It introduces the kids to the look of the coins (difficult to do on paper or on a computer) and teaches them how to the coins differ in value from one another.   I love how they even cover interest rates, salaries, and budgeting!   Super D is beginning to grasp the concept of the value of money and budgeting.   He was eager to do a $20/month subscription until we talked through what it would take for him to earn that much per month.   He’s re-adjusting his budget now. 🙂


This screen shot is from the section on Comparing Money.   It def helps the kids learn that a quarter is the same thing as two dimes and a nickel.  By default, many kids think the three coins represent a higher value of money, simply because there are more coins!

A narrator teaches each section, and leads the kids through the review questions.  The review questions seem to be well worded, and test the kids well on their comprehension.

comparing money

After each lesson, there is an interactive Q & A section where the kids are scored on their understanding.  If there is a fill in the blank, the kids need to push the frog’s tummy for their answer to be accepted.

Our second Math Mini Course covered Tables, Charts, and Graphs.   This course has 17 lessons and is designed for grades 1- 6.   It starts with Tally graphs as a simple conceptual introduction.  It goes on to cover picture, bar, circle, line, and stem and leaf.  It finishes with how to conduct a survey and plot your graphs.   Again, very thorough!!

If you’re concerned your child might have gaps in their learning, or you’re transitioning curriculums and want to make sure they haven’t missed anything, they can take a free online placement test from A+ Interactive Math.   This placement test will tell you which mini courses they need to focus on, and help get them up to speed.

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Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}