Restoring the Thyroid: Cherie’s Journey

If you wrestle with thyroid disease, it can feel like a never-ending cycle of medication adjustments, and lots and lots of management.  Cherie Schnieders has been on an amazing journey of finding restoration for her thyroid through natural means.  She offers hope for many women across the world – join us today at 12:30pm CST on Friday, Nov 15, 2013 for a live stream where she will share her experiences with us.  (If you miss the live stream, the video recording will be available through the same link, hosted on YouTube.) View live stream: Restoring the Thyroid: Cherie’s Journey

When I was 33 and had a miscarriage, I learned that I had an underactive thyroid. At the time, I   knew very little about what that meant as I had been living relatively carefree from any health concerns.  Now, the doctor had my attention. This started a very long and complicated journey over the next 3 years to try to get it normalized. I was on Levothyroxine, Synthroid, and Armour at several different doses.

Did I ever feel better?   I’m sad to say nope, I never did. 

I do now!

Almost 2 years ago I was introduced to Young Living’s 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. I used them for many things but when I realized they could support my endocrine system, it was a whole new world. I have used them to work on my hormones, adrenals and thyroid which are all so closely linked.

Gone are the regular blood tests to test my TSH levels.

I’m no longer the woman who is ALWAYS cold and so tired.

I have found thru my journey that the thyroid has to be treated like a baby. Fed, nurtured and loved on and when it is, watch out!   You feel like a different person!

Join me as I share my testimony and journey of restoring my thyroid:  Restoring the Thyroid: Cherie’s Journey