I’ve been receiving and forwarding a number of different links this week that I think are really helpful.  I’ll post them here for you to take a look at as you’re interested, and so I can keep them in one place!

For garden planning:
Fall Direct Seeding Guide – A&M gives a great guide of when to plant!
GrowVeg – The White House uses this to plan their gardens and it seems very helpful on our scale!
Thanks for the great research Cara!

For parenting:
Ricky Chelette from Living Hope Ministries taught at Antioch recently on raising gender healthy kids.  He did sessions on boys, girls, and practicals.  Here is the link to the free download.

For homeschooling:
Two curriculum suggestions for pre-schoolers.
Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve
Letter of the Week
These are both also interesting blogs to read!  
Thanks Bethany for the great parenting and homeschooling info!

Davy, Selah, and I are enjoying a fun week at my parents’ place in New Waverly.  We’ve only been here one day and have already gone for a ride/hike (Davy rode, and the rest of us hiked) in the woods, and swimming in the kiddie pool.  I love it here!  I’ve been watching a butterfly out the window as I pulled together these links.  SO pretty!

Have a wonderful week!